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building the RFID schematic

Well I spent most of the night building the schematic for the RFID transmitter. Reverse engineering is always difficult at first but it is important and useful to build from. Today was also cool because I was able to go through my Time Robot’s magazine. This definitely gave me a few ideas of how and what to build in the future. 🙂

I ran into a few issues tonight. My VMware machine stopped working. I had to go into the program folder and delete the files ending in .Ick. After I did that I was free to work with the VM. There is some risk to the VM not being recoverable but I’m uploading all my files to the shared drive.

I also found a few datasheets to give an idea of what the circuit is doing and uploaded them as well. So after debugging here is my progress:

So after I complete the schematic I’ll go through the analysis for the analog and digital signals and see if we can improve this design at all 🙂
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The first project I’m going to be working on is:  So I guess the first part of this is to understand the theory behind the RFID.

So this RFID design will be in the unregulated band, just above 120kHz:

I’m interested to see what band this ‘really’ in.  What’s a ‘Band’? a music band? nooooo….A band is a frequency range.